Compose your MindMarket column right here.

It’s simple. Just write over this post. Highlight text to make any changes to it (including adding links, using bold or italics, changing font sizes, adding lists, etc.).

To add images or video, hit the “Enter” key. You’ll see a little + symbol appear to the right of your new paragraph. Click on it and presto—enter your images. Images can be aligned to the left, right, or center by using the image editor. Simply bring up the image editor by clicking on the image > edit icon ( ) and type either “alignleft”, “alignright”, or “aligncenter” in the class field. You can also change the size of an image and the title here as well.

To change the featured image (the big image behind your column title), click on the image icon towards to top right of the text section of this page. You might need to refresh the page to see the full image displayed properly.

After your done, publish your column. Just click the “Publish” button in the admin bar at the very top of the page. Prior to clicking the publish button, this post will be automatically saved as a draft. You can access drafts and other templates by clicking “View Drafts” in the top admin bar.

If you want to come back later and make edits to a column you’ve already published, simply come back and make the edits you want. All changes will be automatically saved as soon as you make them.

Now get on with it!

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